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    Fixed Fire Protection Water Tanks

    SBS® understands the importance of protecting life and assets, offering a comprehensive, premium range of liquid storage solutions that have been designed with complete safety and reliability in mind. As a listed ASIB approved supplier, delivering product that conforms to 12th Edition Rules, SBS® is the preferred supplier on prestigious fixed fire protection installations throughout South Africa, working in partnership with various Fire Protection Specialists.

    Knowledge based partnerships for Fixed Fire Protection Solutions

    Case Studies

    Fire Water Storage Tanks for Manufacturer of Renowned Brands

    SBS Solutions East Africa Limited, a division of SBS Tanks Pty Ltd, recently completed the successful installation of two bulk fire water storage tanks for Kenyan Wine Agencies (KWAL). The two  ST15/05 SBS Tanks, standing at just over six metres tall, have a capacity of 516,000 litres each. Combined, the premium ISO-certified fire suppression water tanks store over 1 million litres.

    Case Studies

    Protect your assets from fire

    Phase 2 of the comprehensive fire suppression system at a 64-hectare Smart Warehouse complex in Bayhead, Durban is now underway and will see an additional two 780kl water storage tanks installed on site. The tanks, originally designed and constructed as a unique installation as part of Phase 1 at the complex, are considered to be the tallest circular bolted water storage reservoirs in existence and occupy a limited footprint, maximising on site water storage capacity.

    Case Studies

    Protecting the environment and community at Wuppertal

    SBS was able to install a fire tank and water storage solution at the Wuppertal community in record time while taking into account the environmentally protected status of the Wuppertal community.

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