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    Water Tanks

    SBS® has become the preferred provider for sustainable water and liquid storage solutions across several sectors. These include the Mining, Municipal, Fire Protection, Water Conservation and Commercial sectors.

    We embrace innovation as a result, we remain at the forefront of the water storage space, for instance by introducing and developing technologically advanced systems such as our Zincalume® steel panel water tanks and reservoirs, liquid storage liners, time- and cost-effective on-site build and cyclone resistant structures.

    Water Tank Applications

    SBS® offers a wide range of water and liquid storage reservoirs and tanks to meet the diverse and exacting needs of the mining, municipal, fire protection and commercial sectors, with a focus on working to develop comprehensive solutions that address the need for water conservation and security.

    Our Water Tank Products

    Water is needed for every process in business. Access to clean water and sanitation for all has become a global priority. However, water scarcity is a global concern. Climate change, population growth, the rising costs of water and rapid urban expansion have resulted in increased demand for alternative water supply solutions. Sustainable and responsible water consumption, rainwater harvesting, and the recycling of water need to become global business and community priorities.

    Case Studies

    Fire Water Storage Tanks for Manufacturer of Renowned Brands

    SBS Solutions East Africa Limited, a division of SBS Tanks Pty Ltd, recently completed the successful installation of two bulk fire water storage tanks for Kenyan Wine Agencies (KWAL). The two  ST15/05 SBS Tanks, standing at just over six metres tall, have a capacity of 516,000 litres each. Combined, the premium ISO-certified fire suppression water tanks store over 1 million litres.

    Case Studies

    Backup water for traditional farm living with mod-cons

    Fairview Estates in Ballito required a bulk water storage tank to store the potable (drinking) drawn from a borehole after it had gone through a filtration plant. SBS Tanks installed an ST17/03 from the Standard Tank Range, which provides the estate with 300,000 litres of drinking water storage.

    Case Studies


    Aurora wanted to ensure that in the event of municipal water challenges, they were able to continue operations and ensure optimal patient care. After consultation to establish the needs of the centre, SBS Tanks installed an Econo Range back-up water storage tank, with the effective storage capacity of 140,000 to provide backup water storage for the 74-bed rehabilitation facility and nine-bed high care unit.

    Case Studies

    Bulk water storage tank for Nelson Mandela Bay Metro

    The Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality has been experiencing water challenges for
    several years. As part of one of nine initiatives implemented by the municipality, which comprises
    Gqeberha and Kariega (previously known as Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage respectively), a 460,000
    litre bulk water storage tank from SBS® Tanks was installed.

    Case Studies

    Tank Farm installed to increase bulk potable water storage

    SBS Tanks installed a quick and cost-effective solution to increase bulk potable water storage for the KwaGuqa township, situated west of eMalahleni. The tanks have a combined storage capacity of over 15 million litres and are modular, steel-bolted water storage tanks offering a fast and effective solution for bulk water storage at a community level.

    Case Studies

    Protecting the environment and community at Wuppertal

    SBS was able to install a fire tank and water storage solution at the Wuppertal community in record time while taking into account the environmentally protected status of the Wuppertal community.

    Case Studies

    Keeping Education Flowing at the University of Zululand

    SBS is in the process of designing and installing a 5Ml water storage and treatment plant at the University of Zululand- to help the university overcome repeat water cuts due to illegal connections.

    Case Studies

    MUNICIPAL Water Tanks: SBS Tanks Partners with eThekwini Municipality

    A successful installation of a 50kl pump station tank and a 1.7Ml bulk water storage system for our first collaboration with the eThekwini municipality!

    Case Studies

    Backup water storage tanks ensure continued business operation

    The SBS Group is situated in the same industrial park as the KZN Distribution Centre for a national food and clothing chain. The distribution centre is responsible for the delivery of dry and frozen food goods to stores within the Durban and KwaZulu-Natal region.

    Case Studies

    Water Security: Innovative solutions for effluent water

    Expansion of a packaging and manufacturing operation in Gauteng, South Africa, necessitated the installation of effluent water tanks. The company required tanks to house the untreated wastewater following the washing of printed ink logos and company details off recycled paper and cardboard, to be used as raw materials in the production of new product. The SBS® team worked with the client’s engineers to design the most effective effluent water storage system for the site.

    Case Studies

    Cyclone and corrosion resistant water storage solutions

    SBS® is no stranger to the Mozambican Port of Beira having previously worked alongside consulting engineers in a bid to upgrade the water storage capabilities for potable and processing water and for fire protection reservoirs. Situated on the east coast of Africa, Mozambique averages about 1.5 tropical cyclones a year, and although not often higher than Category 2, these typically cause widespread damage.

    Case Studies

    Harvesting rainwater reduces environmental and economic impact.

    Don’t let the cost or lack of municipal water supply cripple the production or profitability of your business operations. CHEP, suppliers of high-quality pallets and containers, contacted SBS® to design a system to harvest and store rainwater at their Cornubia, KZN site. SBS® devised a compact system to accommodate the limited space available leaving CHEP able to keep operations running for two and a half weeks, even if municipal supply is disrupted.

    Technical Documents

    • What is the capacity range that SBS Tanks offers?

      Water storage tanks from SBS Tanks are available in a range of over 500 sizes from 7000 litres to 4.2 million litres in capacity. The tanks can be built making use of vertical space where site footprint is limited, or using horizontal space where height restrictions apply.

    • What can be stored in SBS® tanks and liners?

      SBS tanks are suited for use in the commercial, municipal, domestic, water conservation and rainwater harvesting, fire and beverage sectors.

      Our industrial liners carry an international certification for drinking or potable water and have been used successfully to store saltwater, numerous chemicals, and effluent water.

    • Advantages of SBS® tanks versus traditional concrete reservoirs.

      Quality control: Manufacturing of SBS tank panels is done in a controlled environment in an ISO accredited manufacturing facility, where precision and quality are supervised, tested, and maintained. Reduced external impact on production: Weather and other environmental factors have minimal effect on the production of the tank.

      Quick, cost-effective installation: The installation of an SBS tank take a matter of days, rather than weeks or months, saving time and money.

      Easy and cost-effective site preparation: SBS tanks require a simple reinforced ring beam for installation. This results in a reduced need for heavy machines for earth moving and reduced cost. The need for access roads is also drastically reduced resulting in savings that can be transferred to other aspects of the water supply scheme. No cracks or leaks: Earth tremors from blasting or the use of heavy machinery, especially mining applications, does not result in cracks or leaks due to the flexibility of the liner and design of the tank structure.

      Extended life expectancy: SBS tanks have a 60+ year life expectancy.

      Ease of relocation: SBS liquid storage tanks can be relocated in the event of change of usage demand.

      Versatility: Specialised liners allow for storage of liquids from water to harsh chemicals, leachate, saltwater, and effluent. The wide range of capacities available offers a one-stop bulk liquid storage solution for a variety of applications.

    • What if my site and needs are unique – can you help me?

      SBS has a fully-fledged in-house engineering team and works with specialist independent engineers too. We can design a solution to fit a limited footprint as our tanks comprise modular panels and can be built to use vertical space. We run our projects from start to finish including design and installation and can access remote sites, even those without road access.

    • What is the material guarantee?

      We offer a 12-month workmanship and material guarantee and a 10-year non-leak warranty on the liner.

    • What are the installation lead times on an SBS tank?

      This varies based on the size of the tank and the client specific needs and site location but is always quicker than a concrete reservoir. Smaller tanks can be installed in one day and the megalitre tanks can take in the region of 18 days on site for installation. Site preparation needs to be completed prior to installation. Commissioning can take place as soon as the installation has been completed.

    • Are SBS tanks only available in steel silver?

      No, we have a wide range of colour options for our tanks, applied via a powder coating technique, and making the tanks suitable for any application. Whether you need the tank to stand out, be branded, or recede into the background, we can assist.

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