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    Food Security Solutions

    Food scarcity has been a global concern for decades. The agricultural sector is hard pressed to meet the needs of an ever-increasing population and the growing food waste in urban areas. Balancing the need to meet supplier demands for price reductions, increased labour and material costs with the need for financial viability is a challenge for the sector.

    SBS® partners with farmers to overcome these challenges, bringing to market a comprehensive and extensive range of durable, world-class products suited to the specific needs of the agricultural sector.

    Providing commercial farmers with custom designed solutions for grain handling, conditioning and storage as well as water storage, we assist in improving the probability of taking a successful harvest to market, increasing output and early market gains. We source the best international products, partner with experts in the agricultural sector, and backed by quality engineering and over 20 years hands-on experience, we provide complete peace of mind.

    Our Solutions

    SBS® Agri offers a complete grain management solution from bulk storage bins, conveyors, and bucket conveyors, catwalks, stairs and truss supports, to our specialised nature-controlled aeration system and bin dryers. Our team will work alongside you to develop a customised grain management system reducing risk to your crop.

    Case Studies

    Your Seed Quality & Why It Matters

    High quality seed and high-quality equipment enable the perfect harvest. Every element of your agricultural process affects the outcome: Your harvest. Here’s how seed quality plays an important role:

    Case Studies

    Positive impacts of nature-controlled aeration on grain storage

    Moisture control in grain storage means money. The option to harvest and supply grain in an earlier market mitigates some of the risk to the crop and to you, the farmer. Control the temperature and humidity in grain storage with controlled aeration and reduce the risk of crop damage.

    Case Studies

    Complete crop protection solution for early market grains

    Early harvest of grain crops reduces exposure to the elements but comes with the challenge of preventing pest and mould infestation in storage. The SBS® Agri Automated Grain Drying and Conditioning system alleviates these risks for farmers allowing early harvest (as much as three months) at up to 27% moisture content.

    Case Studies

    Building for better with effective and trustworthy solutions

    The impact of climate change on the agricultural sector has resulted in increased food scarcity worldwide. The agricultural sector has been left struggling to balance the economic challenges posed by droughts, flooding and various other factors such as economic and political uncertainty, and still maintain food supply to meet the demands of an ever-increasing population.


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