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    Energy Solutions

    Understanding the commercial viability of an energy project is essential for developing a blueprint for business sustainability.

    SBS Energy has developed a platform that allows clients to ascertain the financial and environmental impact of a solar implementation - fast.

    With an in-depth understanding of the need for energy and water security and business continuity, SBS is ideally positioned to design a viable and sustainable solution for businesses.

    Energy Applications

    SBS Energy has developed a solution that not only addresses the need for backup power, energy cost savings and resource management but puts the power back in business owners’ hands with an easy-to-use integrated dashboard solution.

    Case Studies

    Retailer realises great return on renewables solution

    Hillcrest retailer chooses SBS Energy solution for guaranteed cost savings and an excellent return on investment

    Case Studies

    Solar solution yields excellent returns for farmer

    KwaZulu-Natal farm now able to reduce electricity consumption, supplement supply from solar, and ensure operational continuity.

    Case Studies

    Cosmetic manufacturing business able to keep operation during power shortages

    Fully integrated solar and generator solution for cosmetic manufacturer realises cost savings

    Case Studies

    Dairy farming achieves 35% saving on monthly energy costs

    SBS Energy assists northern KwaZulu-Natal dairy business to realise monthly running cost savings targets

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