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    Rainwater harvesting, back-up water, wastewater recycling and corrosion resistant liquid storage solutions for sustainable and responsible water consumption.

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    SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Solutions East Africa Limited, our branch in Nairobi, services the East African region from Kenya. SBS Tanks was established over 25 years ago in the port city of Durban, South Africa, SBS Tanks now has branches in East Africa, West Africa, the USA and an extensive global distributor network.

    In-house engineering, project management and installation teams work to globally recognised quality, health and safety standards to deliver fast and effective water storage tank solutions.

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    SBS Tanks® offers a wide range of water security solutions to meet the diverse and exacting needs of the mining, municipal, fire protection, commercial and agricultural sectors. We focus on working to develop comprehensive solutions that address the need for water conservation, off-grid, backup and fire water storage.

    Access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right and a business necessity. The impact of climate change, population growth, the rising costs of water, water scarcity and rapid urban expansion have resulted in an increased demand for alternative water solutions. Sustainable and responsible water consumption, rainwater harvesting, and the recycling of water need to become global business and community priorities.

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    The SBS® Vision

    We Build For Better. Work Smart. Commit Wholeheartedly.

    We are a global business focused on providing innovative solutions to combat the challenges of water security.

    Our vision is to grow our global footprint, become internationally recognised for our premium solutions, and partner with businesses around the world, enabling them to utilise water, energy and financial resources more effectively.

    We support the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including water and sanitation for all, energy, economic growth, sustainable consumption and production and climate change.

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    • Technologically advanced modular design
    • International ISO Compliance: ISO:9001 & ISO:45001
    • Professional accreditation and affiliations
    • Global Footprint offering end-to-end excellence in design, fabrication and installation
    • Relational Focus – Long-term partnerships with clients, suppliers and communities
    • Social Impact – We are dedicated to employee and community development and transformation

    • We Build for Better, Work Smart and Commit Wholeheartedly.

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    We understand our clients varied needs and that each project is unique with specific requirements, and are always ready to develop a custom-designed solution. On every project, in every application, we deliver solutions that Build for Better, doing good while doing good business.

    When it comes to storing liquids, the shape of the tank significantly impacts its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Lucky for us, circular tanks stand out for their superior performance compared to square or rectangular steel tanks when comparing on factors such as strength, maintenance and cost-effectiveness. The uniform distribution of weight and pressure in cylindrical tanks enhances their structural integrity, reducing the need for additional reinforcement and materials. This not only makes them more economical to produce but also easier to clean and maintain, providing a pain-free solution to your water woes. Furthermore, the efficient liquid circulation in round tanks minimises sediment buildup and improves overall water quality, making them a smarter, more sustainable choice for various applications. So whether you’re needing a water storage tank for a fire suppression system, agricultural irrigation purposes or even just a rainwater harvesting tank at home, check out the summary table below is your quest to choosing the right tank for you! FEATURE SBS CIRCULAR TANK REGULAR SQUARE TANK Structural Strength High Uniform distribution of load and pressures, providing enhanced structural strength Low Stress concentration at corners, requiring thicker walls/additional materials. Material Efficiency More efficient Cost savings due to optimal use of materials and reduced waste Less efficient Higher material costs for the same storage capacity due to wastage in corners and non-uniform sections. Cleaning & Maintenance Easy Smooth and continuous surface allows for easy inspection and fewer hard-to-reach areas. Difficult Difficult to inspect and maintain with challenging corners that potentially hide corrosion and damage. Seismic Resistance High resistance Dissipate seismic forces due to structure resulting in lower risk of damage in earthquake-prone regions Low resistance Concentration of stress in corners increases vulnerability to seismic activity, requires additional reinforcement ($$$) Installation & Foundation Simple Ring-beam Simplified foundation requirements due to uniform load distribution. Easy and quick installation and simplified foundations due to even load distribution. Complex Longer installation time with complex foundation design and potential higher costs. Water Circulation More efficient Reduced risk of water quality issues due to better circulation in round tank. Less efficient Stagnant corners may lead to water stratification and quality concerns. Cost Effectiveness Quicker ROI recovery Generally, more cost-effective in terms of construction and maintenance Longer ROI recovery Higher initial construction costs and potentially increased maintenance expenses. Selecting the right water storage tank requires careful consideration of a number of factors and are unique to each application. Structural strength, water quality issues, installation requirements, upkeep requirements, related expenses, supplier reputation, compliance with regional laws, and the tank’s intended use. Making an informed selection based on a thorough evaluation of these variables ensures a consistent and sustainable water supply that is adapted to individual requirements. Investing in a circular tank means opting for a solution that combines efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and long-term reliability. Our range of customisable water tank options and capacities ensures that we can meet your specific needs, providing a robust and efficient storage solution. Moreover, choosing a circular water storage tank over a square or concrete reservoir can result in significant cost savings over time due to reduced maintenance and enhanced durability. SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Solutions East Africa Limited, our branch in Nairobi, services the East African region from Kenya. With ISO accreditation (ISO 45001 and ISO 9001) collaborating with a trusted supplier like SBS Tanks East Africa can offer professional advice and a variety of premium tank alternatives to satisfy your various needs.   [...] Read more...
    In the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, at the Imara Daima site, SBS Tanks embarked on a transformative water storage project. We installed a ST14/05 water tank, with a capacity of 376 kilolitres, to serve the needs of a local school and church. This significant undertaking marked the first ST tank SBS Tanks supplied to the Kenyan market, setting a precedent for future projects across East Africa. With over 2000 square meters of available roof space, the International Christian Centre (ICC) is eager to harvest collected rainwater for use around the property, as expressed in the video below: The Need for Reliable Water Storage in Schools Schools need a dependable water storage system to ensure a consistent supply of clean water for drinking, sanitation, and emergency situations, even during water shortages or service disruptions. Reliable access to water is crucial for maintaining hygiene standards, supporting daily operations, and safeguarding the health of students and staff. Additionally, an efficient system for water storage at schools supports sustainability education, offering practical lessons in water conservation and environmental stewardship. With the church property playing host to a school, vegetable gardens and a weekly congregation of over 3000 members, our SBS tank ensures a continuous supply of clean water, addressing critical needs for drinking, sanitation, and emergencies. Built to withstand harsh conditions, SBS Steel Water Tanks integrates seamlessly into rainwater harvesting systems, promoting sustainability and offering hands-on learning opportunities about water conservation for students. Advantages of Galvalume Circular Tanks When compared to square pressed panel tanks and concrete reservoirs, Galvalume circular tanks offer superior benefits. The circular shape evenly distributes stress across the tank, reducing the likelihood of structural failures and ensuring long-term durability. Galvalume, a coating of aluminium and zinc, provides exceptional corrosion resistance, making these tanks ideal for various environmental conditions. Additionally, the smoother internal surface of circular tanks minimizes sediment buildup, ensuring cleaner water storage and easier maintenance. For more insights on the benefits of circular versus rectangular tanks, refer to our previous blog post on how to ‘Choose the right tank’. From Planning to Execution: A Community-Driven Effort Our objective was clear: to provide a secure and reliable water storage solution to support the school and church’s operations, including cleaning, sanitation, drinking water, and garden irrigation. The tank was an integral part of the construction plans for the church’s new sanctuary and other community facilities, which included a football field and a basketball court. We aimed to ensure that the complex had a stable water supply to maintain vegetation within the compound and support the growing needs of the kindergarten and primary school. Precision Construction and Community Impact Leveraging the strength of the church community, the construction materials for the ring beam and foundation were supplied by congregant members, exemplifying a community-driven project. ICC had obtained approval from the city council for the construction of the ring beam and civil works, providing a solid foundation for the tank. Then it was time for our SBS East Africa team to step in, executing the installation over six days. Our dedication ensured that despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project stayed on track. We strictly enforced mandatory temperature checks, sanitation protocols, and mask usage to ensure safety. Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Success The project timeline faced unexpected delays due to the pandemic, but our resilience saw it through to completion. The final result was a robust water storage solution that met all the project’s objectives. The tank will significantly improve the water supply to the church, increasing their storage capacity from the borehole supply, and will result in cost benefits and reduced expenses for the organisation, thus enhancing their operations and supporting their activities. This project underscores SBS Tanks’ commitment to providing sustainable water storage solutions. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with stakeholders expressing immense satisfaction with the final outcome. It has added visibility and provided references for future clients, showcasing the advantages of circular steel tanks over traditional concrete reservoirs. The project has demonstrated that water storage can be affordable and accessible, fostering a change in mindset and encouraging the adoption of newer, more efficient technologies in water storage tanks. ***************************************************************************************** SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Solutions East Africa Limited, our branch in Nairobi, services the East Africa region directly from Kenya. With ISO accreditation (ISO 45001 and ISO 9001) collaborating with a trusted supplier like SBS Tanks East Africa, can offer professional advice and a variety of premium tank alternatives to satisfy your various needs. Contact Robert or Godfrey today and simply Request a quote here. [...] Read more...
    In the rugged and remote terrain of West Pokot County, Kenya, access to clean and reliable water has long been a significant challenge for the local community. However, an innovative water storage tank project led by Solyon Enterprises and SBS Tanks East Africa has brought about a transformative change, significantly improving the lives of approximately 1,000 households in the surrounding area. Project Overview Solyon, in collaboration with the Kenyan government, embarked on a mission to supply potable water to the residents of West Pokot County. The project involved the installation of two SBS water tanks: an EC04/02 with a capacity of 12,000 litres and an EC08/02 with a capacity of 50,000 liters. These tanks were strategically located on hilltops to ensure that water could be gravity-fed to the community, providing a consistent and reliable water supply. Water storage tanks are essential for municipalities aiming to provide reliable and safe water supplies to remote communities. They ensure water availability, support emergency preparedness, overcome infrastructure limitations, and reduce water loss. Additionally, they improve water pressure, support peak demand, enhance water quality, and promote cost efficiency and sustainable water management. Agility teams for Overcoming Challenges The project’s most significant challenge was the remoteness of the installation sites. The terrain was, at times, so difficult to navigate that heavy-weight vehicles could not reach the high locations, necessitating the manual transportation of materials and equipment, often via motorbikes, to site. This was only possible due to SBS Tanks modular design. Components were already shipped in knock-down form, allowing for easy transportation and stacking, which enables SBS steel water tanks to be installed anywhere and everywhere, more easily than traditional concrete reservoirs – read more about the benefits of pressed panel tanks here. The construction process was straightforward but required meticulous attention to detail. Site preparation involved ensuring a stable foundation, after which the tanks were assembled using SBS Tanks’ modular and easy-to-install components. The wide, shallow reservoirs were assembled swiftly, demonstrating the efficiency and practicality of SBS Tanks’ design. Throughout the build process, stringent quality assurance measures were implemented to ensure that the tanks met SBS Tanks’ high standards and ISO requirements. From using durable, high-quality materials to ensuring that all construction procedures were followed methodically, every step was taken to guarantee the reliability and longevity of the tanks. Community Impact and Engagement The installation of these water tanks has had a profound impact on the local community. When the final commissioning of the project takes place, the residents will have access to a reliable source of potable water, significantly reducing the distance they need to travel to fetch water each day. This improvement has not only enhanced daily living conditions of countless individuals and households but has also supported public health and sanitation in the area. With pumps distributing water directly to households, the project has effectively transformed water access in West Pokot County. Outcomes and Reflections SBS Tanks East Africa offers a comprehensive solution to the water storage needs of municipalities and organisations. With their durable construction, customisable capacity, and easy installation, SBS Water storage tanks are ideal for remote locations and are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability with minimal maintenance. Reflecting on this project, the feedback from the stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive. On the commissioning certificate, the client expressed their satisfaction by describing the SBS East Africa Tanks as an “excellent product with a professional team.” They were particularly impressed with the proficiency of the installation team and the speed at which the project was completed. The success of the Solyon project in West Pokot County stands as a testament to the transformative power of reliable water storage solutions. SBS Tanks East Africa is committed to supporting municipalities and organisations in their mission to provide essential water services, even in the most challenging and remote locations. By choosing SBS Tanks, you are investing in a sustainable, efficient, and effective solution that can significantly improve the quality of life for communities in need. ***************************************************************************************** SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Solutions East Africa Limited, our branch in Nairobi, services the East Africa region directly from Kenya. With ISO accreditation (ISO 45001 and ISO 9001) collaborating with a trusted supplier like SBS Tanks East Africa, can offer professional advice and a variety of premium tank alternatives to satisfy your various needs. Contact Robert or Godfrey today and simply Request a quote here. [...] Read more...
    When considering options for liquid storage solutions, two prominent materials emerge: steel pressed panel tanks and concrete reservoirs. These materials have long been favoured for tank construction, each offering distinct advantages and considerations. This comprehensive analysis delves into the attributes, merits, limitations, and suitable applications of both steel and concrete tanks, facilitating a well-informed decision tailored to individual storage requirements. Review our comparison table between Steel water storage tanks and Concrete reservoirs below. As industries progress and engineering norms improve, the versatility, resilience, and cost-efficiency of these materials emerge as crucial considerations in the decision-making process. SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Solutions East Africa Limited, our branch in Nairobi, services the East African region from Kenya. With ISO accreditation (ISO 45001 and ISO 9001) collaborating with a trusted supplier like SBS Tanks East Africa can offer professional advice and a variety of premium tank alternatives to satisfy your various needs. Request a quote today. [...] Read more...
    As with many African countries, securing continuous, safe drinking water for remote communities poses several challenges for Governments and local municipalities. Available infrastructure, cost concerns for storage, distribution and treatment as well as quality issues, limited resources and environmental impact, all determine the success of a ruling parties dreams of providing core services. The same challenges were faced by NYEWASCO Water Works, of Nyeri county in Kenya when confronted with the need to provide clean water for its 759 000+ residents. Their solution? A SBS 886 000 litre tank. As explained by Peter Kahotho, MD of NYEWASCO Water Company, in the video below, new technologies in water storage led NYWASCO to Robert Tunje, CEO of the SBS East Africa team. Water Storage has come a long way since concrete reservoirs were hailed as the all-in-one water storage solution. As concrete is prone to cracking and leakages, which are not easy to repair, an SBS Zincaluma-bolted tank provided a lightweight, quick-install solution to the Nyeri county water expansion programme. Municipal water will flow into the SBS tank for storage, before being piped down to the community living in the shadow of the mountain.   After spending three days laying the strong foundations, which included a ring beam mixed with a modified slab and a compacted sand top layer, the SBS East Africa installation team was able to begin work on the ST26/04 tank body. Robert reflects fondly on this seven-day project build, recalling the stunning landscape, frosty weather, and the beautiful community members they met throughout their time in Nyeri. Future plans include expanding the water network and installing more storage facilities across the region to ensure optimal coverage. And by partnering with a SBS Tank, the 60 year+ lifespan, minimal degradation and low maintenance plan means Nyeri’s water woes are a thing of the past!   ***************************************************************************************** SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Solutions East Africa Limited, our branch in Nairobi, services the East Africa region directly from Kenya. With ISO accreditation (ISO 45001 and ISO 9001) collaborating with a trusted supplier like SBS Tanks East Africa, can offer professional advice and a variety of premium tank alternatives to satisfy your various needs. Contact Robert or Godfrey today and simply Request a quote here.   [...] Read more...
    Universities have a high demand for water to support daily operations such as sanitation, cleaning, and food preparation in student housing facilities. Adequate water supply ensures that these essential services can function smoothly, maintaining a hygienic and comfortable environment for students, faculty, and staff. When the University doubles as a teaching hospital, as Aga Khan University (AKU) will do in Kampala, Uganda, then the need for a continuous supply of water is even more critical. The Aga Khan University and Hospital complex represents a beacon of progress and innovation in the region, promising to provide top-notch education and healthcare services to the community. AKU needed to ensure that in the event of municipal water challenges, they were able to continue operations and ensure optimal patient care. After consultation with our partners, Allied Plumbing, to establish the needs of the project, SBS Tanks East Africa installed two Standard Range back-up water storage tanks, with a gross storage capacity of 1 048kl (>1mil litres) to provide backup water storage for the academic university, student complex as well as the community hospital. With the supervision of our Kenyan Engineers, Allied Plumbers completed the ring beams and civils work for the foundations, allowing our installation team to install the two SBS tanks (2 x ST 14/07’s) for storage. Plumbing connections were completed, connecting the tanks to the municipal supply to ensure that all water used in the facility is potable and safe for consumption, delivering a complete integrated water supply solution to students, staff and hospital patients The outpatient clinic will open in quarter two of 2024, with the remainder of the building project continuing throughout the year, ready for 2025 academic in-take. Does your commercial, healthcare or residential property need a backup water storage tank solution to ensure water continuity? Get a quote today from Robert and his team in East Africa, or from one of our leading distributors across the globe. Contact Robert or Godfrey at SBS Tanks East Africa, today. [...] Read more...
    SBS Solutions East Africa Limited recently completed the successful installation of two bulk fire water tanks for Kenyan Wine Agencies (KWAL). The two  ST15/05 SBS Tanks from the Standard Tank Range stand at just over six metres tall and have a capacity of 516,000 litres each. Combined, the premium ISO-certified fire suppression water tanks store over 1 million litres. Specialists in this space, Flammatech Limited, appointed SBS Solutions East Africa Limited to install the two fire water tanks at the new facility. SBS Tanks was the ideal fit for the installation at the facility that was designed to be an eco-friendly space, leveraging go-green construction and including systems for responsible consumption, recycling, and reuse. With over a million litres of fire suppression water stored within the two modular, bolted steel panel fire water tanks, the new facility is not dependent on an external water supply to operate the sprinkler system within the building, safeguarding the lives and livelihoods of KWAL employees and customers and the investment of shareholders. KWAL is a producer of world-renowned brands including Viceroy and Hunters’ Ciders. The company recently relocated its production facility to Kenya’s first operational Special Economic Zone in Tatu City, Kiambu. The move, after more than three decades in the previous location, to the new custom-built, ultra-modern manufacturing facility in the Tatu Industrial Park required the installation of fixed fire suppression systems and solutions. [...] Read more...
    Mandela Day 2023 is fast approaching. Are you still at a loss for how you will spend your 67 minutes/ or R67 in honour of Madiba’s birthday on 18 July?  Looking for something that will be impactful beyond the day – something that will make a difference? This year’s theme is “Climate, Food and Solidarity” and the call to action is “It is in your hands.”  What can you do, with what you have, where you are? Need ideas? We have a few ideas for you on what you can do for Mandela Day this year. Make the effort you put in – or the money you donate – have the biggest impact as you Build for Better. Some ideas to get you started. Buy and donate seedlings to a community garden. Or plant seeds and nurture them to the seedling stage and then donate them. Community projects such as the Made for More Amahlongwa would love your seedlings. The project helps community members living with disabilities to grow food for their families. Excess produce is sold for the agripreneurs, helping to build self-sustaining families. Volunteer at a local community garden. Afrika Tikkun offers Agripreneurship programmes at a number of their centres in Gauteng. Training youth on how to establish urban gardens, and grow fresh produce to eat and sell helps improve nutrition and support sustainable food security at the community level. Based in Durban? Take a look at the guerilla gardening project on the Build for Better website for inspiration. Collaborate and Donate Get your company or friends on board and donate a water storage tank that can be used to harvest rainwater from the roof of the charity you support or connected to a borehole to supply water for the gardens during low rainfall seasons. SBS Tanks has a range of tanks from 7000 litres that can be used for irrigation or backup water storage. Get Schooled Are you an educator? Or do you have children? Why not set up a community garden at your local school? Get the children involved with preparing the soil, planting and nurturing the seedlings. If you need help, sign up for training with an organisation that has done this before. Soil for Life offers hands-on training for people of all ages in Cape Town, South Africa and has volunteer opportunities for community garden enthusiasts. Upskill for food security Not in Cape Town but need to upskill? Do an online course to gain skills in community gardening, or even home-based gardening, grow produce and share with needy communities. Plant for the future Plant fruit trees in your garden to overhang the fence line for passersby to enjoy, or for you to pick and share with local projects. Find out which trees fruit the quickest and thrive in local conditions. Consider installing a rainwater harvesting tank from SBS Tanks to store water from your rooftop to be used to water the trees as they grow. Email to find out more. Get Community Active Chat to your local councillor about planting fruit trees somewhere that they can be enjoyed for shade and fruit in the future. Find out if there is a local organisation that you can assist in some way. What about fundraising for water storage tanks or a solar energy solution to reduce costs and make the organisation self-sufficient? Email: to find out about our renewable energy solutions. Clean up the water Get involved with projects that protect the waterways such as Hennops River Revival or LitterBoom project, or commit to the monthly beach clean-ups at Pirates Lifesaving Club. By clearing litter you are protecting the rivers, oceans and improving the quality of the water for the fish living in it, for drinking or agriculture. Contact Youth With a Mission (YWAM) and find out how you can support their programmes that help youth in your area, while also giving back. Gardening not your thing? There are many other ways you can get involved or support Mandela Day 2023. Some of our favourite Build For Better Initiatives include: Made for More Afrika Tikkun Aunty Hanneli’s Helping Hands Little Eden Society Anchor of Hope YWAM The Do More Foundation Food Forward SA The SBS Wheelchair Challenge – sign up to be a part of the initiative in 2024. Send an email to What is Mandela Day all about? If you haven’t been involved in Mandela Day in the past, this year is the ideal year to get involved and make a positive impact in your own community and #BuildforBetter. Mandela Day 2023, held on Nelson Mandela’s birthday 18 July, will be the 10th year of the annual global celebration to honour his legacy. Visit the Build for Better Initiative to find a project that captures your heart and makes you want to Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. [...] Read more...
    Located just outside of Ballito, in KwaZulu-Natal, the 480-hectare Fairview Estates has set out to offer homeowners an opportunity to return to traditional farm living or homesteading within a secure, eco-conscious development.  Balancing the need for modern amenities and convenience with spacious and sustainable living, Fairview Estates contacted SBS® Tanks to install a water tank for the storage of safe drinking water. Bulk water storage to provide water security The steel panel tank, manufactured and installed by SBS Tanks, will provide the estate with storage for 300,000 litres of drinking water. Fairview Estates taps into groundwater from multiple boreholes on the estate. This water is fed into a settling tank and through an onsite filtration plant before being stored in the bulk water storage tank from SBS Tanks. Safe storage of drinking water SBS Tanks are ideally suited for the storage of potable water (drinking water). The secure roof structure, with a lockable access hatch and ladder, prevents the influx of debris, leaves or dust and unauthorised access to the water stored within the tank. A potable water-safe liner or bladder, fitted within the steel panel tank structure, ensures that the water does not come into contact with the steel structure of the tank. This not only maintains the condition of the clean, filtered water but adds an additional layer of corrosion protection to the tank. Confident that their water supply is secure, Fairview estate farmers can live off the grid and enjoy sustainable ‘farm to fork’ living, growing their own produce and living off their land. Is water security a priority for you? Does your residential estate require a backup, borehole or bulk water storage tank to protect your water supply? Whether you plan to be completely off-grid or remain connected to municipal water, but need water security for your residential – or business – development, SBS Tanks can assist. Contact us today and let us help guide you in the selection of the best-fit water storage tank for your needs. [...] Read more...
    The SBS Group, SBS Tanks, SBS Energy and SBS Global Solutions would like to thank the SBS clients, suppliers, staff, friends and family who supported the 2023 SBS Wheelchair Challenge. The campaign, which has been run for the past three years, was once again a great success, with fundraising exceeding the target set, increased stakeholder participation and more awareness created. #CEOWheelchair Challenge For the third year in a row, the CEO of The SBS Group, Delayne Gray spent 14 hours of his day in a wheelchair on 30 March 2023, as part of the Little Eden CEO Wheelchair Challenge. This included attending a breakfast meeting at a local restaurant where Gray tested out the accessibility of bathroom facilities for wheelchair users – finding them impossible to navigate. Slam-dunk! The fundraising target for the 2023 SBS Wheelchair Challenge was set at R200,000 and thanks to the generosity of SBS supporters, was exceeded again this year. In 2021 the target of R30,000 with fundraising efforts closing out at R88,000. The 2022 target, set at R120,000 proved no challenge, with supporters rallying to raise R190,000. This year, we were once again astounded by the generosity of our SBS supporters which resulted in a total of R366,197 in cash, direct donations, wheelchairs and equipment achieved. Getting more people on board Part of the SBS DNA is to #BuildforBetter. As a result, SBS challenged staff, clients, suppliers and stakeholders to get on board with the challenge again this year. The SBS Wheelchair Basketball Challenge, hosted at the SBS Tanks manufacturing facility in Durban, South Africa, saw 12 teams compete against wheelchair basketball teams from the eThekwini Spears and eThekwini Warriors. Learners from Westville Boys High, DJs from East Coast Radio, staff from beneficiary Made for More, from SBS, suppliers and clients got on board to experience the challenge of playing basketball in a wheelchair. The event has become a highlight of the SBS calendar, with SBS staff getting involved to clear a section of the factory, prepare the court, serve refreshments and cheer on the sidelines, as well as play in the matches. Suppliers, family and friends also join in what has been described as both a fun and eye-opening day. A Big Thank You! Thank you, once again, to all who participated in making the SBS Wheelchair Challenge 2023 a huge success. We look forward to bringing you an even Bigger and Better event next year, raising awareness and funds to Build for Better for people living with limited mobility. Watch a short video of the SBS Wheelchair Challenge 2023. [...] Read more...

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    With over 3500 tanks installed across the continent, our map is a testament to our leadership and commitment to providing sustainable water solutions. SBS Tanks is the trusted leader in liquid storage, delivering reliability, innovation, and excellence in every project we undertake.

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