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    Rainwater harvesting, back-up water, wastewater recycling and corrosion resistant liquid storage solutions for sustainable and responsible water consumption.

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    SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Solutions East Africa Limited, our branch in Nairobi, services the East African region from Kenya. SBS Tanks was established over 25 years ago in the port city of Durban, South Africa, SBS Tanks now has branches in East Africa, West Africa, the USA and an extensive global distributor network.

    In-house engineering, project management and installation teams work to globally recognised quality, health and safety standards to deliver fast and effective water storage tank solutions.

    Our Solutions

    SBS Tanks® offers a wide range of water security solutions to meet the diverse and exacting needs of the mining, municipal, fire protection, commercial and agricultural sectors. We focus on working to develop comprehensive solutions that address the need for water conservation, off-grid, backup and fire water storage.

    Access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right and a business necessity. The impact of climate change, population growth, the rising costs of water, water scarcity and rapid urban expansion have resulted in an increased demand for alternative water solutions. Sustainable and responsible water consumption, rainwater harvesting, and the recycling of water need to become global business and community priorities.

    Mission & Vision Statement

    The SBS® Vision

    We Build For Better. Work Smart. Commit Wholeheartedly.

    We are a global business focused on providing innovative solutions to combat the challenges of water security.

    Our vision is to grow our global footprint, become internationally recognised for our premium solutions, and partner with businesses around the world, enabling them to utilise water, energy and financial resources more effectively.

    We support the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including water and sanitation for all, energy, economic growth, sustainable consumption and production and climate change.

    SBS Holdings

    What Sets Us Apart?

    • Technologically advanced modular design
    • International ISO Compliance: ISO:9001 & ISO:45001
    • Professional accreditation and affiliations
    • Global Footprint offering end-to-end excellence in design, fabrication and installation
    • Relational Focus – Long-term partnerships with clients, suppliers and communities
    • Social Impact – We are dedicated to employee and community development and transformation

    • We Build for Better, Work Smart and Commit Wholeheartedly.

    Latest News

    We understand our clients varied needs and that each project is unique with specific requirements, and are always ready to develop a custom-designed solution. On every project, in every application, we deliver solutions that Build for Better, doing good while doing good business.

    As professionals and leaders in the municipal space continue to advocate for water infrastructure development to deliver water to communities, maintenance and upgrades to prevent water loss and secure our precious resource, there is a need to look to alternate solutions that offer quick turnaround times and that are less water-intensive in the construction process than concrete reservoirs. “As a water-scarce country we cannot continue to develop water infrastructure that involves the use of large volumes of water in the construction process,” says Mava Gwagwa, Director: New Business Development at SBS Tanks. “Traditional concrete water storage solutions are no longer the best solution for every application, even for wastewater or bulk water storage. Concrete reservoirs are very complex structures that involve a costly and time-consuming design, planning and construction process which also utilises a great deal of water.” eMalahleni Local Municipality, in the Nkangala District of Mpumalanga, required a cost-effective and quick solution to increase bulk potable water storage for the KwaGuqa township, situated west of eMalahleni. “The immediate need was to increase bulk water storage between the existing 10 million litre concrete reservoir and a 400 000 litre elevated tank which gravity feeds to the community. As part of the first phase, SBS Tanks installed two bulk water tanks, with the combined storage capacity of over 6 million litres,” Gwagwa says. “This stage has been up and running effectively and we have recently completed the next step, installing an additional 9+ million litres storage capacity.” Due to age and decay, the existing water treatment plant will be decommissioned and the three newly installed bulk water tanks, which store over 3 million litres each, will be fed from a new water treatment plant. Once this plant comes online the SBS Tank “farm,” where five blue SBS Tanks stand proudly within a securely fenced plot, will come into play and feed into the existing supply network via the elevated tank to the community. “Using modular water storage reservoirs from SBS Tanks gives municipal engineers and managers a fast and effective solution for bulk water storage at community level, for desalination plants, effluent processing and even for the built environment,” Gwagwa says. “They are quick to install and can be commissioned immediately, cost considerably less than traditional concrete structures, and can be installed anywhere, no matter how remote the location. The use of Zincalume® coated steel panels and potable water liner within the structure gives SBS Tanks a lifespan of over 65 years.” With over two decades of experience serving the water sector, providing water and liquid storage solutions to the municipal, mining, fire protection, commercial and agricultural sectors, SBS Tanks is ready to assist the municipal sector with its bulk water storage needs. We can help you play your part in supplying cost, time and water-efficient water storage solutions to your municipality. [...] Read more...
    Splashy Fen festival goers will be pleased to see the newly installed SBS Tank on site – and reassured that their water requirements for the weekend will be sorted. Established in 1990, Splashy Fen is South Africa’s longest-running music festival. The event, which runs for five days over the Easter weekend, attracts thousands of people to a farm near Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal for a unique outdoor music experience. As the event has grown over the years, so too have the water supply challenges – especially during the morning shower rush. After several years of increasing the number of plastic water tanks on site the event owners set out to ensure that festival goers would be able enjoy their morning shower this year with no more hassles. The Splashy Fen site now boasts a 150,000-litre backup water storage tank, manufactured, and installed by SBS Tanks which will be refilled every evening to ensure constant water supply to music enthusiasts. Andrew van Rensburg, co-owner of Impi Concept Events, pictured with Gregg McDonagh is looking forward to welcoming festival goers for this year’s event which runs from 06 – 10 April 2023. SBS Tanks are constructed on-site with no heavy equipment requirements and limited site preparation. The modular, Zincalume® steel panels are bolted together to form a highly wind and weather resistant structure that can be relocated with ease should this be needed. Engineered to last more than 65 years, SBS Tanks are fitted with a potable water liner (drinking water safe) which keeps the water safe from contamination and away from the steel structure, reducing corrosion risks. #steelpaneltanks #boltedtanks #steelboltedtanks [...] Read more...
    The SBS Group has begun preparations for the 2023 SBS Wheelchair Challenge. This year’s event will be held on 30 March and preparations are underway to top previous funds raised in 2021 and 2022 which exceeded R280 000, create more awareness of the challenges faced by those living with limited mobility and encourage other businesses to get on board and host their own events. “In 2021 I was challenged to spend a day in a wheelchair as part of the Little Eden CEO Challenge,” says Delayne Gray, CEO: The SBS Group. “SBS had been involved with the Made for More Adaptive Surfing programme for many years, helping the organisation get people living with mobility challenges into the surf in Durban, so this was right up our alley.” In 2021 a target of R30,000 was set and quickly exceeded with R88,000 in funds and wheelchair donations raised. The bar was set even higher for 2022, at what seemed to be an unrealistic R120, 000 following the challenging year businesses and individuals had faced. But this also proved to be no challenge for SBS supporters with fundraising closing out at R195 000. Funds were distributed to Little Eden, Made for More, AHHH and used to purchase equipment for wheelchair basketballers, the eThekwini Spears. Wheelchairs were also donated to Little Eden, Aunty Hanneli’s Helping Hands (AHHH) and to individuals identified by SBS employees, suppliers and clients.  “What was initially to be the SBS CEO spending 14 hours in a wheelchair in March 2021, turned into something incredible, both in 2021 when we were coming out of Covid lockdowns and in 2022 when we were trying to recover from the riots and looting,” Gray said.  It has now become an annual event for The SBS Group, with a section of the Pinetown production facility cleared to create a court kitted out with nets and spectator stands and staff, suppliers, clients and other SBS supporters invited to join in the day, spend time in a wheelchair and participate in the wheelchair basketball matches against the pros.   “This year, we want to challenge our clients and suppliers, and anyone else who is willing, to host their own event or spend time in their workday in a wheelchair to help us build this into an even better event. I would like to challenge business people to get onboard with us this year. Spend time in a wheelchair during your workday, raise funds and donate or even host your own event. We are happy to help you get started. Tax certificates can also be issued for all donations.” The SBS Group aims to create awareness of the stigma and challenges faced by individuals with limited mobility. Daily tasks such as reaching for a tea cup in a high cupboard, navigating a standardised bathroom and moving in and out of buildings, vehicles and parking bays are far more difficult to accomplish when seated in a wheelchair.  Are you Onboard? Email Kim for more information on how to Take A Seat in the challenge: DONATE :  SBS Solutions SA, Nedbank LTD Durban Branch (198765) Current Account: 1184536988. SWIFT Code: NEDSZAJJ Please use your name and WC23 as your reference. Need a Section 18A Tax Certificate? Please email your Proof of Payment to: [...] Read more...
    Advancements in reservoir and water tank technology has provided better solutions for bulk water storage than large, costly concrete dams and structures. Smaller, localised water storage reservoirs offer many advantages over the traditional options. These include cost and time savings for installation and for auxiliary equipment such as pumps and pipework, better use of local water resources, improved localised control and ability to detect and manage pipework leaks or challenges, and community ownership. SBS Tanks are modular, can be built in remote areas with limited or no access to roads. Installation is done by skilled in-house teams, to engineer designed specifications and does not require heavy equipment on site for construction. Suitable for use in a variety of applications and combinations, SBS water storage tanks can be used for bulk water storage, effluent and wastewater processing and storage and even temporary water storage requirements for infrastructure development and construction sites. With over 500 sizes available, across the various ranges which include Standard, Cylconic, Econo and Elevated options, civil engineers, municipal managers, planners and developers have the support of the SBS engineering team to design the best solution for their water or liquid storage requirements. Starting at 7000 litres, the water storage capacity of SBS Tanks runs up to 4.2 million litres, and when used in combination (i.e. more than one tank used to achieve the required storage capacity) provide on-site flexibility to carry out maintenance on one line or water tank, without interrupting community water supply. [...] Read more...
    Municipalities in South Africa are recognising the benefits of modular steel panel water tanks as a solution for the storage of bulk drinking water supplies, waste water and effluent at community level. This is especially true in rural areas, where access to clean and safe drinking water and effluent processing systems can be a challenge. Steel panel water tanks provide a number of benefits over other types of water storage solutions. They are quick to install, durable, easy to maintain, and can be designed to hold specific water capacities. Additionally, steel water tanks fitted with an internal potable water liner are not susceptible to leaks or cracks, and by storing the water within the liner, maintains water quality. With a reliable water storage solution, municipalities can meet the daily needs of their communities and help ensure their health and well-being. SBS Tanks, as a leading provider of steel water storage tanks, is proud to offer a technologically advanced solution to address the water storage and supply needs of communities in South Africa, particularly in rural areas. Our modular system allows ease of transport and installation in remote locations, reducing the need for lengthy build time, road infrastructure and water intensive construction processes. Crafted from premium Zincalume® steel, SBS Tanks have been engineer designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a long-lasting solution suited to the storage of potable water, raw seawater at a desalination plant or effluent waste water as part of the water treatment process. By providing a dependable water storage solution from SBS Tanks, municipalities can support the health and well-being of their communities, meeting the national government mandate of “Water for All.” [...] Read more...
    The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health undertook upgrades at the Pinetown Mortuary last year which included the installation of a backup water storage solution from SBS Tanks. The mortuary relies mainly on the municipal water supply but requires backup water for emergencies and for during water interruptions. While the original specification was for an elevated solution, the project engineer agreed that a 20kl SBS Tank with booster pumps, to be installed outside of the newly renovated building, was a better alternative. SBS Tanks is proud to have created a system that allows for an uninterrupted water supply to the institution and ensures that families are able to say goodbye to their loved ones with the deserved respect and dignity. Our solutions, including commercial water tanks, industrial water tanks, engineered water tanks, storage tanks for rainwater harvesting and potable water storage tanks. Don’t let water worries get you down – call us and let us help you ensure you have your factory water supply backup or factory water supply tank in place for emergencies. Tel: 086 048 2657, email or visit our website for more information. [...] Read more...
    Our Adopt a Beach is yielding interesting collaborations – and this is only the start of a cleaner beach environment. The Adopt a Beach concept is simple: we started with six local Durban beach sites. A co-ordinator at each clean-up is supported by three sponsored assistants, and this team is in charge of set-up, welcoming volunteers, cleaning and waste management. We aim to recycle what we can and leave only landfill waste which municipality collects. Connecting with fellow water and beach lovers is key for us – meaning we get the support of clubs and individuals. When the team arrived to set up for a recent beach clean-up, the municipality had already swept through the beaches. However, at Battery Beach a different scenario faced the Pirates team. SBS Tanks constructed sieves to sift the sand revealing little pieces of waste that lay trapped just beneath the surface. Durbanites Against Plastic Pollution’s Steve Cohen explains more: “We undertook a rapid citizen survey of a 30m² area along the high tide mark. Even though the beach is cleaned daily by the municipality, the survey did however find an abundance of small pieces of plastic. Most of the items are “problem plastics” which we define as the most commonly found items in the environment with few benefits to society. The most common items were nurdles, pieces of polystyrene foam from take-out containers, earbuds, sucker sticks, plastic cutlery and a multitude of fragments from common household plastic items that had broken up over time. Plastic litter and mismanaged plastic waste from drinks, snacks and personal hygiene items accumulates on the beaches and in the sea. Plastic never breaks down – instead, it breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces, causing harm and lasting hundreds of years in the environment. We advocate that many of the above-mentioned items – like earbuds and polystyrene containers – should be banned or taken off our supermarket shelves. Likewise, bottle caps should be affixed to bottles by law, and returned with the bottle in a city-wide deposit-return scheme. We look forward to continuing these surveys and using the data to lobby the government and retailers to reform their policies and practices respectively. [...] Read more...
    The mining sector is estimated to consume around 5% of South Africa’s water resources and many are in drought-stricken regions where water is in short supply. This calls for the creation of cost effective, water-efficient solution, built around managing the demand for freshwater or alternative water sources and the ability to reduce consumption, limit evaporation, and process existing water in a closed circuit. There also must be a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the mine and effective planning that can accommodate both existing and future needs. With a history of over two decades in the mining sector, the SBS Tanks range is ideally suited to the needs of the mining sector and can be utilised at all stages of the process within a closed water circuit. The first SBS Tanks mining installation took place at a coal mine in Ogies, in the Nkangala District Municipality in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Since that first potable water storage tank installation in 1999, SBS has supplied many liquid storage solutions to mines across South Africa, into Africa and across the globe. The company has worked with many top mining companies to deliver adequate water and wastewater processing and storage systems and has gained vast experience and expertise along the way. Key considerations By using this experience, and partnering with mine engineers and procurement specialists, SBS Tanks have established three key considerations to address when developing an effective closed water circuit solution that limits the requirements for ‘new’ freshwater in the mining context. On-site requirements and speed of installation Historically, concrete structures had been considered the go-to solution for water or liquid storage. However, the mining industry has come to realise that concrete comes with time and cost constraints and can have a greater environmental impact. SBS tanks can be installed on a simple ring beam structure that can be erected within a few days and  commissioned immediately. Due to their modular nature, SBS tanks can be installed in even the most remote locations and do not require heavy equipment on-site or an access road for components to be transported. The local South African SBS manufacturing facility is both ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 compliant, addressing the need for quality, health and safety standards on a mine site. SBS Tanks are also SANS 10160 accredited, with the fire tanks meeting both ASIB and 12th Edition Rules. Onsite environmental conditions, as well as seismic conditions, need to be established when devising a process water system. Extreme weather conditions such as wind events can impact the solution selection process. Water and liquid storage tanks and reservoirs need to be able to withstand this sort of activity on site. The SBS Tanks Cyclonic Range of tanks is rated for regions with a high incidence of meteorological hazards including tropical storms, hurricanes, and other high-velocity events, designed to withstand winds of up to 240 km/hour. Water supply and requirements Considerations such as mine water standards need to be factored into the equation too. Does the mine require fresh ‘new’ water or can processed water be used? Will the fresh water come from a municipal source or aquifer, and will it require pre-treatment? If seawater is the most readily available water source, can this be desalinated, and will the system be required to accommodate this process? Are there other requirements such as providing the community nearest the mine, where the bulk of employees will reside, with potable water and will there be access to electricity to pump the water from this tank to the community or will the tank need to be elevated on a hill? SBS Tanks have been designed and developed for use in used all sectors from mining to manufacturing, bulk municipal supply, rainwater harvesting and water conservation to commercial, industrial and property off-grid resource supply and management. As a BBBEE level 2 company, SBS Solutions SA believes in working with communities, the commercial sector, and municipalities to assist with the effective delivery of the mandate of  ‘Water for All’. Space limitations and capacity requirements SBS products and solutions are adaptable to meet all system and site requirements. Tanks can be built on a limited space, expanding vertically to maximise capacity with 11 or more rings where required. With a range of c 500 sizes and capacities from 7000 litres to 4.4 million litres, SBS Tanks are suited to every stage of the process for liquid, water or effluent storage. This allows for a flexible and adaptable circuit to be designed and even relocated, if necessary, to establish the most effective closed water circuit. With a history of servicing the mining sector since 1999, the robust design of SBS tanks can meet demanding conditions on mine sites. Liners or bladders used inside the tank structure can be changed to suit the nature of the liquids stored within. These protect the tank structure from corrosion caused by chemical exposure. SBS Tanks typically have a 65+ year life expectancy depending on conditions onsite, with liners carrying a 10-year conditional warranty. As a trusted water and liquid storage solutions supplier to the mining industry for over 23 years, SBS Tanks will continue to work hand in hand with mines and mining engineers to offer a range of custom-designed systems to improve water use efficiency and reduce the water requirements of the sector delivering modular and scalable solutions. [...] Read more...
    As a trusted water and liquid storage solutions supplier to South African businesses for over 24 years, SBS Tanks has worked with many business owners to offer a range of custom-designed solutions that can not only harvest and store rain or borehole water as alternate “new” water sources, but that can form part of a used water treatment process offering a waste-to-value alternative to reduce water consumption. Businesses and consumers need to implement responsible water management practices, not merely as a tick-the-box exercise to meet targets and benchmarks, but as a means of ensuring the future sustainability of life, the environment, and future economic development. Moving towards net zero water consumption with the implementation of an effective water demand management and processing solution needs to be a part of every business plan and commercial development strategy. SBS Tanks devised a solution for KwaZulu-Natal-based company, CHEP, which supplies and maintains high-quality pallet and container supplies which require high-pressure washing prior to despatch. The solution includes the harvesting, filtration, and storage of rainwater and run-off water from the premises, providing an effective backup storage solution to enable operational continuity during water supply interruptions. SBS installed a 500-kilolitre water tank at CHEP alongside a concrete sump fitted with submersible pumps for water feed, maximising the use of vertical space usage on the limited footprint available. Based at the lower end of the site, the sump collects and stores all surface and rainwater run-off from the site and the roof of the building and serves as a stormwater retention pond, minimising the impact of peak flow on the external municipal stormwater network. The water collected in the sump is treated prior to being pumped back into the pipe reticulation network on the premises with a tailormade filtration system providing clean and potable (drinkable) water, effectively reducing the requirement for “new” water to the site as part of the company’s journey to net zero. [...] Read more...
    Situated in KwaZulu-Natal, the community of Ekukhanyeni has for many years faced water challenges. Population growth in the area had resulted in further strain on water supplies, necessitating the introduction of a water storage solution. After an initial visit to SBS, including a factory tour and presentation, SBS provided the municipal design engineer and his team with the necessary information to make an informed choice on a suitable alternative solution that would meet the needs of the community. Due to their modular nature, SBS tanks are quick to install. There is no need for access roads to the site nor is onsite heavy-duty equipment required for the installation process. The lightweight but durable tank panels can be carried by hand or transported to site on smaller vehicles and carry various wind ratings, dependent on the site requirements.   Talk to the SBS Tanks team today and let us help you ensure water security for your local community, business or residential complex. [...] Read more...
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