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    Build For Better

    SBS® is a leading provider of innovative water and energy security solutions. Established over 20 years ago, the company has offices in Southern Africa, East and West Africa, the USA and an extensive Dealer and Distributor Network in the USA, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Mauritius as well as in other African regions. Originally established in September 1998 as SBS® Water Systems (Pty)Ltd as a water tank solution provider but now also offers agricultural and energy solutions to the market, operating under the SBS® Group of companies banner.

    Our global footprint enables us to provide solutions that have been engineered, designed, and developed to harness and secure resources anywhere in the world. SBS water security products and systems are compliant with the highest internationally recognised quality standards - ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

    SBS® is focused on delivering effective, custom-designed solutions to the global space, employing professionals who design and deliver technologically advanced solutions, have an in-depth understanding of the compliance requirements, international logistics and challenges faced. SBS® is proud to collaborate with private investment partners , The Wellspring Group.

    Our Team

    We believe that what is good for the world, is good for business. We continually challenge ourselves to ensure that our solutions best serve the needs of our clients and the communities we serve. Our management team members embrace the SBS® principles, commit whole-heartedly to leading the members of the SBS® family to work smart and build for better. Every day.

    Delayne Gray
    Group Chief Executive Officer

    Delayne’s entrepreneurial and “Build for Better” approach has served in developing a company culture that is passionate about partnering with clients and serving others, activating their purpose at individual and community level.

    Mava Gwagwa
    New Business & New Accounts Director

    Mava has a keen understanding of the need to activate community development. His intentional and resourceful style enables him to identify client needs, foster relationships and develop solutions that Build for Better.

    Charmaine Israel
    Group Human Resources Director

    Charmaine embraces the SBS® brand wholeheartedly, living the Build for Better ethos, seeking out opportunities to activate the potential of employees, attracting and retaining key personnel and leading transformation in the business.

    Matthew Cole
    Group Financial Director

    Working Smart is key to Matthew’s successful journey in the financial sector, harnessing the skills of his team members to develop systems that work to Build for Better.

    Chester Foster
    Group General Manager

    Chester personifies the SBS® philosophy of doing what you can, with what you have, believing unreservedly that doing good is part of doing good business.

    Mission & Vision Statement

    The SBS® Vision

    We Build For Better. Work Smart. Commit Wholeheartedly.

    We are a global business focused on providing innovative solutions to combat the challenges of water security.

    Our vision is to grow our global footprint, become internationally recognised for our premium solutions, and partner with businesses around the world, enabling them to utilise water, energy and financial resources more effectively.

    We support the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including water and sanitation for all, energy, economic growth, sustainable consumption and production and climate change.

    SBS Holdings

    What Sets Us Apart?

    • Technologically advanced modular design
    • International ISO Compliance: ISO:9001 & ISO:45001
    • Professional accreditation and affiliations
    • Global Footprint offering end-to-end excellence in design, fabrication and installation
    • Relational Focus – Long-term partnerships with clients, suppliers and communities
    • Social Impact – We are dedicated to employee and community development and transformation

    • We Build for Better, Work Smart and Commit Wholeheartedly.

    Our Clients

    As a business, SBS® focuses on providing solutions and building relationships. Many of our client, employee and professional relationships are as old as our business. We work to provide guaranteed fulfilment and solutions that Build for Better.

    SBS Tanks