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    SBS Tanks has become the preferred provider of sustainable water and liquid storage solutions across the Mining, Municipal, Fire Protection, Water Conservation, and Commercial Sectors.

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    SBS Energy designs viable and sustainable energy solutions for businesses. Allowing you to ascertain the financial and environmental impact of solar implementation - fast.

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    About SBS Holdings

    Who We Are

    SBS® is a leading provider of innovative water security solutions. Established over 20 years ago, the company has offices in Southern Africa, East and West Africa, the USA and an extensive Dealer and Distributor Network in the USA, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Mauritius as well as in other African regions. Originally established in September 1998 as SBS® Water Systems (Pty)Ltd, SBS now comprises five different entities operating under the SBS® Holdings group of companies banner.

    Our global footprint enables us to provide solutions that have been engineered, designed, and developed to harness and secure resources anywhere in the world. SBS water security products and systems are compliant with the highest internationally recognised quality standards - ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

    Our Solutions

    SBS® offers a wide range of water security solutions to meet the diverse and exacting needs of the mining, municipal, fire protection, commercial and agricultural sectors. We focus on working to develop comprehensive solutions that address the need for water conservation and off-grid water storage and effective food handling, processing and storage.

    Water is needed for every process in business. At SBS® we also believe wholeheartedly that access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right. However, water scarcity is a global reality. Climate change, population growth, the rising costs of water and rapid urban expansion have resulted in increased demand for alternative water supply solutions. Sustainable and responsible water consumption, rainwater harvesting, and the recycling of water need to become global business and community priorities.

    Understanding the commercial viability of an energy project is essential for developing a blueprint for business sustainability. SBS Energy has developed a platform that allows clients to ascertain the financial and environmental impact of a solar implementation - fast.


    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous projects we've completed across the globe. With over 3500 tanks installed across the world, our map is a testament to our leadership and commitment to providing sustainable water solutions in all regions of the world. SBS Tanks is the trusted leader in liquid storage, delivering reliability, innovation, and excellence in every project we undertake.

    Latest News

    We understand our clients varied needs and that each project is unique with specific requirements, and are always ready to develop a custom-designed solution. On every project, in every application, we deliver solutions that Build for Better, doing good while doing good business.

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    General / Municipal Water Storage / Water ConservationSBS® Tanks recognises the challenges faced by the municipal sector to deliver equitable access to water and sanitation services to South African citizens. Municipalities that service and support rural communities are typically the most severely impacted with vast distances between dwellings and water sources, rugged terrain and budgetary constraints due to a limited revenue base. […] [...] Read more...
    SBS News and InsightsIntroduction In an era where responsible water management is crucial for the sustainable future of our planet, industries worldwide are recognising the need for conscientious water practices. Among these, the mining sector plays a significant role, consuming approximately 5% of South Africa’s water resources. SBS Tanks, a reputable company with over 23 years of experience, […] [...] Read more...
    Mining Tanks / SBS News and InsightsThe mining sector is estimated to consume around 5% of South Africa’s water resources and as a country listed as the 30th water-scarce country in the world, it is essential that reducing water consumption be prioritised. Many established South African mines are geographically located in drought-stricken regions of the country where water and other resources […] [...] Read more...
    General / Municipal Water Storage / SBS News and InsightsSBS Tanks recently collaborated with the Dr Beyers Naude Municipality and their team of professional service providers on another successful project that will help bring water security to two communities in the Eastern Cape region. The Dr Beyers Naude Municipality, which includes what was previously known as the Ikhwezi and Camdeboo municipalities, required additional bulk […] [...] Read more...
    Commercial Water Tanks / Fixed Fire Protection / General / Municipal Water Storage / SBS News and InsightsNo regrets with SBS Tanks Water storage tanks have become a necessity but they do not need to be an eyesore, especially as they age. Choosing a water tank manufacturer with experience in producing high-quality water storage tanks in a range of colour options, will prevent disappointment, faded colours and non-conformance fines for business tenants […] [...] Read more...

    Mission & Vision Statement

    The SBS® Vision

    We Build For Better. Work Smart. Commit Wholeheartedly.

    We are a global business focused on providing innovative solutions to combat the challenges of water security.

    Our vision is to grow our global footprint, become internationally recognised for our premium solutions, and partner with businesses around the world, enabling them to utilise water, energy and financial resources more effectively.

    We support the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including water and sanitation for all, energy, economic growth, sustainable consumption and production and climate change.

    SBS Holdings

    What Sets Us Apart?

    • Technologically advanced modular design
    • International ISO Compliance: ISO:9001 & ISO:45001
    • Professional accreditation and affiliations
    • Global Footprint offering end-to-end excellence in design, fabrication and installation
    • Relational Focus – Long-term partnerships with clients, suppliers and communities
    • Social Impact – We are dedicated to employee and community development and transformation

    • We Build for Better, Work Smart and Commit Wholeheartedly.

    SBS Tanks